Treat Santa’s Reindeer

Tucson, Ariz. - December 9, 2011 – Christmas Eve is a long and busy night for Santa and his team. The reindeer work hard pulling Santa’s sleigh through the sky. True believers everywhere know that Santa brings presents to good girls and boys with the help of his reindeer team. Santa eats plates of cookies and drinks glasses of milk for extra energy on his long and busy trip. The reindeer team definitely deserves a treat, and you can make sure Santa’s team stops at your house. Get Yummee Yummee’s “top secret” recipe that is a perfect treat for hard working reindeer. Help the true believers at your house celebrate Santa’s arrival and the magic of Christmas. While Santa delivers the presents, his reindeer get to eat. Get the complete details at Yummee Yummee. It’s Merry Yummeeness.

Treat Santa’s Reindeer

Feed Santa's Reindeer - TOP SECRET Reindeer Mix

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