Easy, Edible, Inexpensive Halloween Decorating

Tucson, Ariz. - October 11, 2011 – Dust off your holiday cookie cutters. Halloween is coming soon. Make monsters, skulls and mummies. Yummee Yummee’s decorating tips are easy, inexpensive and delightfully delicious. Use specialty Halloween cookie cutters to make bat crackers for your little goblins. Create creepy pizzas for the monsters at your house. Spark your creativity and make a centerpiece for your party. Every decorating idea is easy, edible and inexpensive.

Invite monsters and ghosts to your house this Halloween. Make, or buy your favorite cut sugar cookie dough and start the decorating party. Turn a jolly snowman into a sinister skull. Transform a gingerbread man into a mummy. The real trick is the monster. Learn how at Yummee Yummee. It’s about your creative perspective and fun in the kitchen. Create monstrously edible Halloween decorations for the little goblins and ghouls.

Need a centerpiece for your Halloween party? Decorate your haunts with a witch’s caldron, a ghostly graveyard or a haunted house. Dust off the old cast iron Dutch oven for the witch’s caldron. Decorate and fill with spooky cookies. Who doesn’t want to eat the mummy’s head or take a bite out of the Jack O’ Lantern? Make a ghostly graveyard with tombstones and coffins. Grab your favorite gingerbread house pattern and create the haunted house of your nightmares. Keep your creation completely edible with a crispy rice cereal treat base.

Don’t put your cookie cutters back in the drawer. A ghostly graveyard turns pizza into a haunted surprise. Bats and a crescent moon decorate your pizza to create an autumn night. Design a witch’s hat, a Jack O’ Lantern or a scarecrow with carrot hair. Why wait for the party? Enjoy scary pizza for lunch, dinner or a vampire’s breakfast.

Every witch has a recipe for a magic potion. Witch’s Brew is a treat for the cook at your house. Cast the magic spell with our free recipe and feed your coven on Halloween night. You cannot enjoy this brew without bats, a crescent moon and autumn leaves. It sets the scene this Halloween. Don’t forget to use the witch’s caldron to serve the brew for meals, or as a decorative centerpiece.

Put on your witch’s hat for hauntingly good fun this Halloween. Find these great tips and the results at our website during October. Get your free copy of the witch’s magic potion recipe. Decorations and treats do not have to be expensive or difficult. Add your creativity to our ideas and let the ghoulishly good times begin.

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Witch's Brew and Bat Crackers

Witch's Brew, bat crackers and a Dutch Oven make a perfect Halloween centerpiece.

A Scarecrow with carrot hair

A scarecrow with carrot hair makes a fun and tasty Halloween pizza.

A Haunted House, ghoulish cookies, and a Ghostly Graveyard

A Haunted House and ghostly graveyard for a Halloween centerpiece.

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