Dreamee Dog's Coloring Pages

As a talented artist, it’s Dreamee Dog’s mission to create new and exciting coloring pages. Dress her up for Christmas, color placemats for Thanksgiving, celebrate Chinese New Year, make a Valentine for your sweetheart, or color your favorite book. Word searches and dot-to-dot pages celebrate the seasons. The images below contain a link to the coloring page booklets. They are in an Adobe PDF format. Click on an image to download and print a booklet. Color and display your art work. Have fun!SHOP & SAVE 20% Everyday!

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Dreamee Dog Visits Connecticut, and eats at a famous hamburger restaurant, plays with Legos, and has fun with Pez dispensers.
Visit Connecticut
Dreamee Dog Visits Kansas and learns about WWII veterans and heros.
Visit Kansas
Dreamee Dog was very busy studying about the ancient Egyptians and their art. It was fun!
Egyptian Egg Artistry
Utah is a fascinating state - National Parks, minerals, dinosaurs, gila monsters & iguanas.
Visit Utah
New York state is much more than a large city. Jell-O, Sasquatch, Starr Clark, Ellis Island & Big Pants are sites to see.
Visit New York


Dreamee Dog Visits Colorado, and tours Santa's workshop.
Visit Colorado
Dreamee Dog Visits Virginia, and eats Pickle Bob's ice cream.
Visit Virginia
Dreamee Dog paddled through the Okefenokee Swamp. The alligators were fun to watch and a bit scary.
Visit Georgia
Travel to the ancient world with Dreamee Dog. Start with cave art 36,000 years old.
Ancient Egg Artistry
Medicines and vaccines are important for humans and dogs. Dreamee Dog learns about dedicated scientists.
Celebrates Scientists
Charlie Tuna, The Simpsons, Matt Groening, & Mel Blanc once called Oregon home. Do not miss the Simpsons' mural in their hometown - Springfield, Oregon.
Visit Oregon
New Hampshire is fun. Santa's Village was special, Christmas in July. Watch out for a giant pirate!
Visit New Hampshire
Did you know Chicago is called second city? Discover corn, museums, the bean, zoos, and Raggedy Ann.
Visit Illinois
Battle Batman's Super Villains - Poison Ivy, Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Riddler & Two Face.
Batman Super Villains
Night of the Lepus, House of Dark Shadows, Tales from the Crypt, Alien, Jaws, Wicker Man are 1970s horror movies.
1970s Horror Movies
Forbidden Planet is a 1956 sci-fi classic. Oddly enough Robby the Robot became a sensation.
Visit Montana
Dreamee Dog loves Christmas, especially reading good Christmas books.
Christmas Books

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