Decorating Easter Cookies!

Fill Your Easter Basket

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Make, bake, and decorate a tower of sugar cookies.
Versatile Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookies
Decorating these bunnies is simple and easy!
Pink Bunnies

Bake some Easter fun with Yummee Yummee Cookiees mix! Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookies are simple to make and decorate in a variety of Easter themed shapes. Pile your cookies onto a tiered tray for an edible centerpiece and easy serving at family events. Tint white royal icing two shades of pale pink with gel food coloring. Flood fill the bunnies with one color and allow to dry. Pipe outlines for the ears and simple bow at each bunny's neck. Simple and easy!

Peep, Peep, Peeps!

Celebrate Spring with baby chicks!
Cookies, not marshmallows.

Don't forget the chocolate! Miniature chocolate chips make decorating a snap. Frost these hatching chicks with white and yellow royal icing. Add an orange miniature sugar dot as a beak and a miniature semi-sweet chocolate chip for an eye. Peep-inspired sugar cookies are easy to decorate. Frost with yellow or pink royal icing. Sprinkle with matching sanding sugars. Add miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips for eyes and mouths. It's a sweet burst of chocolate flavor in simple to decorate cookies.

Daddee's Favorite Chocolate Bunnies

Eat the ears first! Use Daddee's Favorite Cookies recipe.
Jumbo Chocolate Bunny
These bunnies will disappear as fast as you can decorate them
Bunny Family

SHOP & SAVE 20% Everyday!Daddee's Favorite Cookies make Simply Scrumptious press-in cookies. Bake the jumbo bunny at 375 degrees for 14 minutes. Decorate with purple royal icing. Add candy coated peanut butter candies and candy coated milk chocolate candies for the bow and eyes. Substitute miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips to make the bunny family and bake at 375 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes. Decorate with pastel shades of royal icing. Add Spring themed nonpareils to make eyes, noses, and details on clothing. These bunnies are all dressed in their Easter best!

Fancy Fun Cookies

Sugar cookie eggs are the star of the Easter table.
Fanciful Eggs
Bunny butt cookies will have the kids giggling for hours.
Pink Bunny Butts

The Easter Bunny has hidden some decadent sugar cookies for you to find. Using various shades of pastel royal icing, flood fill egg shaped cookies and allow to dry. Pipe designs onto the cookies and accent with Spring themed nonpareils. Peter Cottontail shows his best side on these cookies. Use a larger cookie cutter with bunny ears and small, 3/4 inch, heart shaped cookie cutters. Flood fill the heart shapes with white royal icing and allow to dry. Pipe pale pink bunny foot prints onto the hearts. Fill the bunny shapes with pale pink royal icing. Attach two bunny feet to each cookie and add a miniature marshmallow for the tail. Pipe details for the ears. Easier than making a bunny face!

Make Some Bunny Love!

Sugary sweet from the garden!
Carrots, Sugar Bunny
Tastes like chocolate Easter bunnies - white and milk chocolate.
Easter Bunny Cookies

SHOP & SAVE 20% Everyday!This bunny is a thief! He's stolen all of Mr. McGregor's carrots. Flood fill the bunny with white royal icing and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Add sugar flowers to his neck and a miniature semi-sweet chocolate chip for his eye. Don't forget the tail! Use white nonpareils for his fluffy tail and button nose. The carrots are even easier! Flood fill with orange and green royal icing. Sprinkle with matching sanding sugars. Indulge in Chocolate Easter Bunnies! These cookies feature white chocolate pudding, miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips, and authentic milk chocolate bunnies. It's decorating made easy with a sensational taste! If you love chocolate, these are your cookies.

It's Bunny-tastic!

These Peeps hatched out! Make with our Cookie Pan Sugar Cookies recipe.
Baby Peep Bunnies
It's mama and ALL her babies - Cookie Pan Sugar Cookies recipe.
Bunny Peep Centerpiece

Who doesn't love easy and fast decorating? One Yummee Yummee Cookiees mix recipe of Cookie Pan Sugar Cookies makes a clutch of Peeps Bunnies. Flood fill with various shades of pastel royal icing and sprinkle with matching colors of sanding sugars. Add miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips for eyes and mouths to the small peeps and regular chocolate chips for the big peep bunny. To make Peep Bunny Butts, add a squish of white royal icing for the tail. Hippity, hoppity Easter's here!

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