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Tucson, Ariz. – February 1, 2011 - Yummee Yummee announces the addition of two new recipes to its popular microwave selections – Ham, Broccoli and Alfredo Pizza and Crunchee Southwest Chicken Tacos. Our recipes are developed for college students, busy professionals and anyone with access to a microwave. Every recipe guides the cook through the basics of microwave cooking for the gluten-free diet with ease of preparation, minimal workspace, a few fresh ingredients and basic cooking utensils. For the complete beginner or kitchen challenged individuals, on-line video demonstrations are available. The goal is simplicity for anyone maintaining a gluten-free diet even with an active schedule.

Some recipes use our Dreamees mix while others are quick meal alternatives and comfort foods. Dreamees mix makes fast and effortless meals, snacks, treats and more. Our simple to follow recipes guide the novice cook as you prepare microwave pizza crusts, brownies and cookie bars. Ham, Broccoli and Alfredo Pizza is the newest recipe and uses our Dreamees microwave pizza crusts.

Crunchee Southwest Chicken Tacos are prepared with basic gluten-free ingredients available at any local grocery store. This recipe complements our fast and easy comfort foods such as Mac ‘N Cheese, Nachos, Chicken Vegetable Soup, and Enchilada Pie. If you can press buttons and stir, you make our microwave recipes.

When customers purchase the “Student Pack” through our online store, the gluten-free microwave recipe booklet or e-book is free and delivered via email. The e-book includes our simple microwave recipes, hints, tips, required tools and a shopping list. The Dreamees mix “Student Pack” sells for less than $20.00, including shipping and processing. The Yummee Yummee web site, store, recipe photos, recipe videos, and TheDreameeDog channel links are listed below:

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Yummee Yummee Gluten-Free Microwave Recipes - Crunchee Southwest Chicken Tacos

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