Gluten-Free Snowman or Snowdog?

Tucson, Ariz. - January 25, 2012 – The best part of a cold winter is snow. It’s fun and playful. From sledding down a long hill on a toboggan to jumping into big snowdrifts, it’s wintertime excitement. Everyone enjoys rolling and forming snow into a perfectly decorated snowman, except the Dreamee Dog. She makes a snowdog.

When you tire from your outdoor activities, head inside for hot chocolate with marshmallows. Don’t forget the gluten-free cookies! While you munch and sip, stay entertained with Dreamee Dog’s latest creations - winter themed coloring pages. Like snowflakes, no two of her artistic designs are the same.

The Dreamee Dog is the official mascot and spokes pup of Yummee Yummee. Her coloring pages for January feature a frosty winter theme, complete with a snowdog and sledding hill. Dreamee Dog’s whimsical creations help her young gluten-free fans cope with the perils of food allergies and intolerances. It’s her mission to bring fun and joy to gluten-free children. Decorate your house this winter with these festive coloring pages. Color, cut, paste and decorate a well-attired gluten-free snowdog as you warm-up from a cold winter’s romp in the snow.

Print your coloring pages and grab your crayons or markers. The Dreamee Dog wants everyone to have some fun. After a well-deserved long nap, the Dreamee Dog is busily preparing with more new coloring pages and gluten-free recipes. Visit Yummee Yummee’s website today to get your free coloring pages, and while you are there browse our baking mixes and free gluten-free recipes.

Gluten-Free Snowman or Snowdog?

Gluten-Free Snowman or Snowdog?

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