Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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April 19, 2012

Tucson, Ariz. - April 19, 2012 – Everyone should have plans for Earth Day. The Earth is our home. It’s our responsibility. It’s our only planet. Do something special for Mother Earth on April 22, 2012. Yummee Yummee has a suggested list of activities for you on this special day. They are:

    Wake-up 5 to 10 minutes early; step outside; listen to the birds sing.
    Don’t drive - walk or ride your bike.
    Watch the sun set with family or someone special.
    Star gaze - find the big dipper. Look for the new moon.
    When you see a flower, stop and observe it. If possible, smell its scent, but don’t pick it.
    Grab a blanket. Lay under a tree and watch the clouds roll by - how many shapes do you see?
    Make a picnic lunch - go to a park and enjoy the scenery. Do NOT litter - recycle as much as possible!
    Don’t let rain stop you! Step outside when it’s safe or open a window - smell the rain in the air. Listen to the patter of rain in the puddles and on rooftops.
    Take a nature hike. Nothing fancy. Explore your yard - identify the plants, trees, rocks, or birds.
    Plant a tree - it consumes carbon dioxide and makes oxygen.

Yummee Yummee believes the simple pleasures of life create the greatest reward - family, fun activities, celebrations, special occasions, and delicious food. Food is a family focal point and essential to life. From the grand dinner party to a fast and easy backyard picnic lunch with toddlers, food is the centerpiece. That’s why food is especially important on Earth Day. Good environmental practices everyday protect our vital food chain. Pick just one or two of our ideas for Earth Day, or do all of them, either way make a conscious effort on Earth Day to reduce your carbon footprint. The most important part - have fun doing it!

Here’s our bonus idea. Visit the Yummee Yummee website and download Dreamee Dog’s April Fun coloring pages. They are fun and earth friendly. No driving to the store and wasting gas; print only the pages you want; like us on Facebook; follow Dreamee Dog on Twitter; or subscribe to her YouTube channel

Dreamee Dog dresses up for Earth Day!

Dreamee Dog dresses up for Earth Day. Join her and design your Earth Day attire.

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